Luc de Louw’s personal blog.

Who I’m I? I’m a 40 years old computer nerd exploring IT technology since the age of 13. In 1994 I began to experiment with Linux, a operating system which was “strange” at that time. Linux and open source changed my life radically. A major contributing fact was the emerging Internet.

Since 17 years I’m now working as a professional IT-guy. The entry to this professional IT-wold was a job as system operator for the TPF operating system in the airline industry.

In the year 2000 I changed to the Unix system department where I deployed the first commercially used Linux systems in Switzerlands airline industry.

Since then I worked at different organization of different sizes. From the mega-company with 400’000 employees to 200 employees shop. And on all those jobs I was the Linux ambassador and changed a lot in the companies infrastructure.

In July 2011 I got hired by Red Hat as a Senior Linux Consultant. For that job I relocated from Zurich, Switzerland to Berlin, Germany. Since then I’m working at customers mostly in Germany. It is challenging, but makes a lot of fun.

Luc de Louw
Andreasstrasse 22
D-10243 Berlin

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