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Rumors about Novell and Suse Linux

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

There have been a lot of rumors that Novell will be sold. Latest rumors are that the Linux parts of Novell (former SuSE) will be split off and sold separately.

Since that got public, there are even more rumors: Which company will buy the Linux part of Novell?

  • Red Hat: Very unlikely, since the Monopolies and Mergers Commission in the EU and USA will most likely disagree because RHEL and SLES are already some kind of “duopoly”.
  • Microsoft: No way that the Monopolies and Mergers Commission will agree on this. On the other hand, MS has enough manpower to get on market with “MS-Linux” if they want to do so.
  • VMware: Would make sense, they can position them as a counterpart of Red Hat with its KVM initiative. Since VMware is a Windows-Shop, it is unlikely.
  • Oracle: They already have OEL, a clone of REHL, very unlikely
  • Hewlett-Packard: Would make sense because HP-UX is dead and HP does not have a future proof operating system anymore
  • IBM: They have AIX and IBM is involved in business with both, RHEL and SLES and others. I’m unsure if it would make sense to take over Suse. AIX is one of the two Unix Systems that will survive (maybe the only one since most probably Solaris 12 will never appear).

My wild guess is: Hewlett-Packard. Why? Monopolies and Mergers Commission will not be concerned, and HP does not have any competitive Operating System in its assets anymore.

Depending on who is buying the Linux business of Novell, we will have fun or not…

Lets take a breath,


Oracle ditches OpenSolaris

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

OpenSolaris was dropped by Oracle

As many people already suspected, Oracle will ditch OpenSolaris as announced here: OpenSolaris cancelled, to be replaced with Solaris 11 Express. The first Solaris 11 Express release is expected end of this year. If is has similar usage restrictions like the Oracle 10 Express database then it will be quite useless.

OpenSolaris was a good thing for both, Sun and its customers. Customers had a continuous preview of upcoming features in new Solaris versions. Sun was getting feedback from customers. The community was able to contribute to the product. It had a similar role for Sun as Fedora has it for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or OpenSUSE for Novell.

Still open source, but closed development model
While most parts of Solaris are staying open source, Oracle switched the open source development model into a closed source model. Quoting the announcement: We will no longer distribute source code for the entirety of the Solaris operating system in real-time while it is developed, on a nightly basis.

This will also affect other projects and products such as FreeBSD’s ZFS support and Nexanta.

Light at the end of the tunnel
The light at the end of the tunnel is the newly founded project Illumos. A main sponsor of the project is Nextanta, as its main building block of the product is OpenSolaris.

What is the OpenSource strategy of Oracle?
It is unclear what Oracle is planning for its other open source products such as OpenOffice, MySQL and Java. In the past, all of those products have been open source enablers for companies. The is little to no information about those products.

Not really fun….