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3rd employer within six months

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Up to the 30rd of June this year, I was working at “Siemens Switzerland AG”. On July 2010 the IT shop of Siemens was “carved out” to a company called “Siemens IT Solutions and Services AG” (=SIS).

As soon as this was announced, it was clear that SIS will be sold as Siemens made it before with Infinion, BenQ, SEN, Gigaset etc. I was pretty sure that it takes at least one year to get SIS ready to be sold.

This morning my workmates saluted me with “Bonjour, ├ža va bien?”. I was puzzled… The reason for that is that there was the announcement that SIS has been sold to a company called “Atos Origin”, a french company.

Who is this company? I was aware of the name of this company but nobody can tell us how this company is behaving. Is this company using Red Hat products? (I really like Red Hat products) or is it a Windows Shop? Does it use Novell/Attachmate products? (SLES)… Questions and more questions…

What shall I do now? If I’ll get a job offer from a Red Hat related company or Red Hat itself, I’ll check it for sure. If not, I’ll give my unknown employer a chance.

Having fun? No clue…