FUDCon 2012 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Since I’ll be in Kuala Lumpur anyway, I take the chance to visit the upcoming FUDcon (Fedora User and Developer Conference) which will take place May 18th to 20th at the Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation. I dont know yet if I can be there all three days, but at least days 2 and 3. I’m really glad to meet the Fedora people from another continent. I’ve been visiting Malaysia back in 2009, it is a very ….Read More

Epson scanners on Linux systems

I’ve got a Epson Perfection 1260 Photo scanner. Fedora like other distributions such as OpenSuse are recognizing the device since a long long time. The back end chosen for the device is plustek. Unfortunately when using the default configuration one experience very strange effects with colours. The left and the right 50% of the picture have a colored background, even when scanning a empty page. I had this problem with OpenSUSE since years and still got it with Fedora 1x. ….Read More

Pulp, what is it about it?

Thanks to Máirín’s posting I got aware of the Pulp project. What is it? I had a brief look at it, it is a Red Hat sponsored project with a similar functionality like Spacewalk and RHN Satellite. This brings me to the question: Is Pulp is intended to be a replacement of Spacewalk? It can make sense, it is written in Python as Cobbler is. Cobbler and Spacewalk are not really playing nice together. Spacewalk used Java, Perl and Python. ….Read More

Usability Fedora vs Windows

I’m writing this post sitting in a train, connected to the internet via UMTS. The device is a Huawai E220 HSDPA modem connected via USB. Guess who is the winner? Procedure to get the device running on Fedora (first time usage): Plug in the device on any USB port Enter the PIN in the pop-up Enjoy mobile Internet connection Steps: 3 Time: approx. 5sec. Procedure on Windows XP (first time usage): Decide on what USB port you will plug in ….Read More

Joining the Fedora doc and trans-de Teams

The history Since 1994 I’m a Linux enthusiast. In the year 2000 I was installing the first commercially used Linux Systems in Switzerland’s airline industry. Since then I worked in different companies mostly in the outsourcing business. From 2001 to 2003 I was also contributing some German translations for KDE, as well as writing two Docbook SGML documentation for TLDP. The current Since approx. two years I’m working mostly with Red Hat’s RHEL and its derivatives such as CentOS. Later ….Read More

Bye bye Suse, welcome Fedora

Successfully migrated my workstation @home from OpenSuse to Fedora13 After using SuSE and later OpenSuse since 1994 it was time for a change. I was stuck at OpenSuse because of its excellent multimedia support trough 3rd party repostitories from packman. Last evening another update brought the system down once again. Time for change. Since a long time Fedora does not ship software any more which are problematic because of software patents, such as mp3, different video codecs etc. Since then ….Read More

FUDCon and FrOSCamp Day Two

After the official party called “wired dreams” @StuZ on Friday, I was a bit late and arrived @ETH in the early afternoon. At 14:00 there was the (from my point of view) probably best workshop, it was about Puppet. Puppet is an open source data center automation and configuration management tool. For more information see http://www.puppetlabs.com/. There is also a Swiss Puppet User Group. It seems to mostly active in western Switzerland. The second interesting talk was about collectd, a ….Read More

FUDCon and FrOSCamp Day One

FUDCon 2010 was the first Fedora event I visited, so I was curious about who to meet there. I was keen to visit the talks about different topics. Most of this talks have been great and gave a good overview on the topic discussed. It was a Co-event together with FrOSCamp, so there was also a small exhibition floor where different projects presented themself. At lunch in the lovely restaurant “Hot Pasta” I had the chance to talk to other ….Read More