Set up a Red Hat Directory Server and Kerberos Part I

Kerberos and LDAP are today’s way of single sign on. It is platform independent and supported by a wide range of applications. Together with the Red Hat Directory Server (also available as CentOS Directory Server and 389 Directory Server from Fedora) you can build a neat identity management infrastructure. Setting up the Directory Server However there are some pitfalls when installing such a integrated solution. Installing redhat-ds is quite easy, just ensure you define your planned LDAP Namespace and default ….Read More

Directory services and Linux

LDAP is interesting, but not that easy to set up, at least not the server part. I made different approaches to install OpenLDAP without success, the problem was always the schemas and initial data load. With Red Hat Directory Server and its open source pendant CentOS Directory Server I was able to successfully install and maintain a LDAP directory. Red Hat Directory Server is the successor of the Netscape Directory Server which has been purchased by Red Hat some time ….Read More