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Red Hat released RHEL6 Beta 2!

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

As announced on the mailing list, Red Hat released beta2 of it upcoming RHEL6 enterprise product.

I’m actually disappointed by Red Hat, I was thinking that RHEL6 will be released GA on the summit a few days ago. It was not released. And instead of communicating a date, even a approximate date, the only message was “later this year”.

I do not understand Red Hat. Beta 1 is a rock solid Linux Distribution, with very few grave bugs detected. Of course, I do not like “banana products” where customers are the beta testers, but on this case, Red Hat behaves the other extreme way: GA of RHEL6 needs to be perfect.

I’m currently downloading RHEL6b2, and I’ll test it. Please wait a few hours for my test and its report.

Have fun!