Lets celebrate 25 years of DNS

Today, we can celebrate 25 years of DNS. Can we really celebrate? Is the age of /etc/hosts really over? No, /etc/hosts will last for ever. Why? DNS can only be filtered across orgs with problems There are sill some /etc/hosts freaks not retired yet From my point of view, the DNS is one of the most reliable systems, it is redundant and thus high-available┬áby design. Thanks! Thanks to all those people that designed and operated DNS until today and in ….Read More

Roadmaps on the Red Hat Summit 2010 in Boston

Finally Red Hat disclosed the agenda of its summit in 2010. For more informations see http://www.redhat.com/promo/summit/2010/agenda/. RHEL6? Tim Burke of Red Hat will talk about the new features of RHEL6. It sounds like the present, not the future. Does this mean I’m right with my guess that RHEL6 will be released end of June like I wrote in earlier blog article? Roadmaps Count how many times the word “Roadmap” appears in the agenda. It seems to get even more interesting ….Read More

Kernel questions about RHEL6, ESX support and experiences with F13a3

Still no official informations Red Hat is still refusing any questions about the features of RHEL 6 and its Linux Kernel. However: Since Vanilla Kernel 2.6.33 vmxnet3 and pvscsi is supported. Fedora 13 Alpha 3 is shipped with a derivate of Kernel 2.6.33. I still hope that Red Hat is switching to 2.6.33 or back-porting the VMWare code to its 2.6.32 derivative Kernel as known by RHEL 6 Alpha 3. Experiences with F13a3 so far Installing F13a3 on a ESX ….Read More