hostapd can not find the wlan interface but interface is ready

Have you ever got an error when using hostapd complaining a network interface not be found but its actually there and ready? You probably have a space at the end of the line “interface”. Hostapd does not work when having a space in that line (and probably in other lines as well) in /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf. ap:/etc/hostapd# cat -vet hostapd.conf|grep ^interface interface=wlp0s29f7u7 $ ap:/etc/hostapd# This shows that there is a space at the lines end. Remove it and it will work as ….Read More

Upgrading RHN Satellite 5.6 to 5.7

This post guides you trough the upgrade procedure for a Satellite 5.6 using the embedded database on RHEL6-x86_64. Further it guides you to setup of Kerberos authentication of Satellite users with IPA. Recently Redhat released Satellite Server 5.7. Despite Satellite 5.x will be outphased in the next few years, there are plenty of new features. The most significant new features are: Upgraded PostgreSQL to 9.2 Authentication via IPA/SSSD/Kerberos IPMI support Renewed WebUI Readonly API users And finally… drum roll…. formal ….Read More