Identity Management und 2FA mit (Free)IPA @Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2015

My first post in German, publishing the Slide Deck (in German) for my presentation about IPA and 2FA held at Chemnitzer Linux days 2015. Mein erster Post in Deutsch. Hier die Slides von meinem Vortrag an den Chemnitzer Linux Tagen 2015. Abstract: IPA ist ein Identity Management System für Linux und Unix, das stetig an Bedeutung gewinnt. Mittlerweile ist es des öfteren in Behörden, Banken, Versicherungen, aber auch in KMUs im Einsatz. IPA kann man sich als «Active Directory» für ….Read More

FUDCon 2012 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Since I’ll be in Kuala Lumpur anyway, I take the chance to visit the upcoming FUDcon (Fedora User and Developer Conference) which will take place May 18th to 20th at the Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation. I dont know yet if I can be there all three days, but at least days 2 and 3. I’m really glad to meet the Fedora people from another continent. I’ve been visiting Malaysia back in 2009, it is a very ….Read More

Retrospection to FOSDEM 2012 Brussels, Belgium

This year I made it, It was my first time at FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting. I was amazed about the crowd of people and the amount of talks. It was simply impossible to visit all interesting lectures, because lots of them has been held in parallel. It was also a pleasure to meet again all those people I know from the open source communities. The Friday beer event was very nice, as well as chatting ….Read More

FUDCon and FrOSCamp Day Two

After the official party called “wired dreams” @StuZ on Friday, I was a bit late and arrived @ETH in the early afternoon. At 14:00 there was the (from my point of view) probably best workshop, it was about Puppet. Puppet is an open source data center automation and configuration management tool. For more information see There is also a Swiss Puppet User Group. It seems to mostly active in western Switzerland. The second interesting talk was about collectd, a ….Read More

FUDCon and FrOSCamp Day One

FUDCon 2010 was the first Fedora event I visited, so I was curious about who to meet there. I was keen to visit the talks about different topics. Most of this talks have been great and gave a good overview on the topic discussed. It was a Co-event together with FrOSCamp, so there was also a small exhibition floor where different projects presented themself. At lunch in the lovely restaurant “Hot Pasta” I had the chance to talk to other ….Read More