A review of RHEV

In the past few weeks I had the chance to have a closer look at the current release 2.2. The reason is that I’m working on a project using RHEL6 clients as virtual Desktops. For a proof-of-concept I’ve set up a test environment in the lab. Due to the lack of time I was not able to test every single feature. After reading some docs, it was amazingly easily and quickly installed. Test environment The tests have been made on ….Read More

Usability Fedora vs Windows

I’m writing this post sitting in a train, connected to the internet via UMTS. The device is a Huawai E220 HSDPA modem connected via USB. Guess who is the winner? Procedure to get the device running on Fedora (first time usage): Plug in the device on any USB port Enter the PIN in the pop-up Enjoy mobile Internet connection Steps: 3 Time: approx. 5sec. Procedure on Windows XP (first time usage): Decide on what USB port you will plug in ….Read More