Updating a distro in cobbler

A few weeks ago RHEL 5.6 was released, the installation media was also updated. So it is time to get it into cobbler to deploy the latest dot release when provisioning new systems. Lets assume your profile name is rhel5-x86_64, you have an existing distro named rhel55-x86_64 and you want to replace it with rhel56-x86_64. Lets start with importing the new distro: # Mount the ISO as loop back mount /some/where/rhel-server-5.6-x86_64-dvd.iso /mnt/rhel56iso -o loop # Import the Install Media cobbler ….Read More

A review of RHEV

In the past few weeks I had the chance to have a closer look at the current release 2.2. The reason is that I’m working on a project using RHEL6 clients as virtual Desktops. For a proof-of-concept I’ve set up a test environment in the lab. Due to the lack of time I was not able to test every single feature. After reading some docs, it was amazingly easily and quickly installed. Test environment The tests have been made on ….Read More

RHEL 4.9 released

Today, Red Hat released its “service pack” or “maintenance release” of RHEL4. According to Red Hats life cycle policy” it ends the production stage two. That means: In future only bugs with a high severity will be fixed. The “normal” life cycle of RHEL4 will end in approx. one year. This means that everyone using RHEL4 systems should think about a migration scenario to RHEL6. Unfortunately, Red Hat does not support OS upgrades, you need to install the systems from ….Read More

CentOS6 to be released in the next few weeks

According to an interview with Karanbir Singh – a major contributor to the project – it is just a question of a few weeks until we can expect CentOS6 to be released. CentOS is extremely important for the RHEL community, it is a playground for trying out new stuff before getting into an engineering phase with the Red Hat supported RHEL. Lets have fun with it…