FUDCon and FrOSCamp Day Two

After the official party called “wired dreams” @StuZ on Friday, I was a bit late and arrived @ETH in the early afternoon.

At 14:00 there was the (from my point of view) probably best workshop, it was about Puppet. Puppet is an open source data center automation and configuration management tool. For more information see http://www.puppetlabs.com/.

There is also a Swiss Puppet User Group. It seems to mostly active in western Switzerland.

The second interesting talk was about collectd, a system performance statistics gathering tool similar to Cacti, but more sophisticated.

Conclusion: The two days at FUDCon and FrOSCamp have been really worth to attend. Not only because of the talks, but also for socializing with other people. I had the chance to talk with people from the Fedora Project as well as to some Red Hat people.

Unfortunately FUDCon will not be held in Switzerland for the next few years, because the conference will always be hold in another country each year. I hope similar conferences will be held in Switzerland (or at least in nearby regions) in the next few months.

Have fun!

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