FUDCon and FrOSCamp Day One

FUDCon 2010 was the first Fedora event I visited, so I was curious about who to meet there. I was keen to visit the talks about different topics. Most of this talks have been great and gave a good overview on the topic discussed.

It was a Co-event together with FrOSCamp, so there was also a small exhibition floor where different projects presented themself.

At lunch in the lovely restaurant “Hot Pasta” I had the chance to talk to other Fedora people. The table has been quite international: German, Swiss, Dutch and US (Maybe other countries?) People talking.

After countless more chats with people, at 18:00 the bar was open and the sponsored Free Beer was served. The party beginns.

For more pictures have a look to Máirín’s Photos on flicker.com. Its also worth looking at Planet Fedora.

Have fun!

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