Roadmaps on the Red Hat Summit 2010 in Boston

Finally Red Hat disclosed the agenda of its summit in 2010. For more informations see


Tim Burke of Red Hat will talk about the new features of RHEL6. It sounds like the present, not the future. Does this mean I’m right with my guess that RHEL6 will be released end of June like I wrote in earlier blog article?


Count how many times the word “Roadmap” appears in the agenda. It seems to get even more interesting what Red Hat plans to do. But it is still unsure what kind of new features we can expect in RHEL6. Red Hat just disclosed some snippets of RHEL6 again, this is called Salami-Tactic.

Where is the commitment?

We (the RHEL community) are still missing a clear commitment to us as customers. Only little is known about RHEL 6

Love or hate?

Should the RHEL community love or hate Red Hat? At the end of the day I like Red Hat, they do a lot for the progress of Linux in general and Linux in enterprises in particular. Anyway: Not providing a roadmap makes me and possibly others too very angry. Such a roadmap does not need to necessarily be in detail.

Have fun! Really? Soon we will have!

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