Important RHN Satellite 5.4 bugs has been fixed

Red Hat recently released some bugfixes for the RHN-Satellite version 5.4. They needed approx. one month to develop a fix for those serious bugs.

If you upgraded to sat540 before those bugsfixes have been released you will have a crippled database. The errata provides a way how to fix it. It needs some time, but it works perfectly. For “my” satellites it was taking about 48h for both satellites, about 12h for the master and 36h for the slave satellite.

This time, Red Hat’s QA also made a good job, it is now working like expected. The developers had a hard time too, according to the git log they worked on weekends too.

If you are new to sat540 or upgrading to it, please ensure that you do NOT take any action before applying the errara!

Have fun! (This time REALLY for sure)

Pulp, what is it about it?

Thanks to Máirín’s posting I got aware of the Pulp project.

What is it? I had a brief look at it, it is a Red Hat sponsored project with a similar functionality like Spacewalk and RHN Satellite.

This brings me to the question: Is Pulp is intended to be a replacement of Spacewalk? It can make sense, it is written in Python as Cobbler is. Cobbler and Spacewalk are not really playing nice together. Spacewalk used Java, Perl and Python.

Anyway, Pulp seems to be in its early childhood, but it seems to be a really interesting project. What are the plans for the future? And what are the plans for Spacewalk and thus RHN Satellite?

Having fun? As soon as I get the time to install it and give Pulp a closer look….

Spacewalk 1.2 released -> PostgreSQL Support quite ready -> First analysis

Today, Spacewalk – the upstream project of the RHN satellite – released version 1.2. One of the promises the developers made was better support of PostgreSQL. It seems that lot of stuff is now working. As I promised, I’m going to examine whats working and whats not. I’ll file every single bug I’ll find, please do the same in a polite manner.

First impression
Installation and first sync of yum channels works like PostgreSQL support was there from the first second. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to test.

How to install Spacewalk with PostgreSQL?
It is straight forward:

  • Set up a PostgreSQL database as described here
  • Follow and exclude things that mentions Oracle
  • Go for the the instructions about PostgreSQL.

And enjoy your newly installed Spacewalk server w/o Oracle!

What I proofed working so far:

  • Installing with PostgreSQL went smooth and much faster than the stuff with an Oracle setup
  • Creating a CentOS5 Channel
  • Add a yum repository (
  • Linking the yum repo to a channel

Conclusion so far

  • Spacewalk feels (not measured) MUCH (very much) faster with PostgreSQL. (Feels like more than the tripple speed)
  • PostgreSQL support seems to be almost ready for production (the tested stuff)
  • As RHN Satellite 5.4 is out now and the ISS bug is fixed (in spacewalk-nightly, not yet with an erratum) Red Hat should and can now focus on the complete replacement of the Oracle embedded DB.
  • RHN Satellite 6.0 can and should be released w/o being bound to Oracle

More things to test

Since syncing repos is a time consuming task (seems to be much less time consuming with PostgreSQL), some tests are still pending. There is no single System yet subscribed, no deployment tests etc. I’ll test them later and let you know.

Some more words to say

The RHN Satellite and Spacewalk developer crew (once again) made an outstanding good job (I wish I could say the same on QA). At FUDCon 2010 in Zurich, Miroslav stated that nobody is willing to test the PostgreSQL support. No wonder it was not yet ready to test it at that time. Now, PostgreSQL enabled Spacewalk is ready for being tested by broad public , do it as I do it!

Having fun? Yes sure, I’m going to do some more intensive tests on the PostgreSQL support.



RHEL6 is released!



RHEL6 was just released at 2010-11-10 20:09:50 CET. Quoting Red Hat press relase: Today, we delivered Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to the market. @Red Hat: you are so mean! Next time inform your fellows one day in advance to give your fellows the chance to fill the fridges with champagne!

I did not checked (yet) the differences between beta 2.1 and GA. I guess the differences are at a minimum.

The odd thing is: It seems not be available via satellite-sync yet (yes, sat540 is in place).

[update]You need to get a new certificate from Red Hat support to get access to the rhel6 channels, regardless if you got one a few days ago to install sat540.[/update]

Having fun? No, I do not have any champagne in my fridge 😉