I got employed by Red Hat

This is pretty cool: End of March I signed a contract with Red Hat as a senior Linux consultant. It is not just “another new job”. It is cool for (at least) two reasons: First reason is that Red Hat is not “just another company”, it is Red Hat which is not very comparable to other employers, it is THE Linux and open source company, for me as a open source guy, this is perfect. The second reason is: I’m moving from Zurich in Switzerland to Berlin in Germany.

So, two major changes in my life at the same time. I’m looking forward to the challenges that are waiting for me.

I’ll continue to work at Siemens IT Solutions and Services AG until approx. mid of June and start working at Red Hat at 1st of July.

From May, 09 to May 15. I’ll be the first time in Berlin to have a look at the city and its different suburbs. I’ll also be there to organize some stuff required to settle in Berlin. In the same time, Europe’s biggest Linux conference will be held in Berlin, the “Linux Tag”. I guess I’ll have a lot of fun, and maybe meet some of my future workmates.

It is hard for me to leave my country, I have a lot of friends here. On the other hand, Berlin is just about 1.5h away by plane. As a consultant, I’m travelling a lot. Because of that, it would not be that easy to build up a social network (I mean real-life-stuff, not Facebook) in Berlin.

It also is not easy for me to leave Siemens, I’m involved in a very cool project with the Swiss government (all Systems will be RHEL6) and I also have friends and nice workmates at work which I’m going to leave.

I already know quite some people at Red Hat, they are all nice and I guess some of them will get good friends over the time.

Having fun?

Absolutely guaranteed!

9 thoughts on “I got employed by Red Hat

  1. Bee says:


    Well, your lack of criticism is a religious faith i don’t very understand!!!!!!!! It’s indeed good to work for RED HAT rather than for many others multinational companies!!!!! but don’t forget who you’re are and where you’re going!!!!!! and what you’re going to do!!!!!!!!!! Red HAT isn’t so perfect as you describe!!!!!!!!!! Indeed a lot of people there are very good and nice (even if i found only TOM so far!!), but at the same time RED HAT isn’t different from others multinational companies!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

    I’m sure that you aren’t willing to bite the hand that feeds you!!!!!! but at least, don’t forget what is right and what is wrong!! and what’s fighting against the Social Equality and the mankind instant of helping it!!!! (capitalism and multinational companies as consequence!!!! and this includes RED HAT too!!!!!!!)


    • Luc de Louw says:

      I can assure you that I always speak my own voice, decide by myself what is right and wrong. If needed I’m biting the hand that feeds me.

      As you wrote in the linked post, you never worked for a multinational company. I have quite some nice experiences working in such companies. There are pros and cons, but it is not just black or white.

      BTW: You should consider to get a new keyboard, obviously your exclamation mark key is jammed 😉

  2. Patrick says:

    Congratulations with your cool new job! I hope you find the time to continue to write about Spacewalk (especially when it comes to PostgreSQL support), RHEV, Cobbler and all the other cool stuff Red Hat and our Community offers.

    • Luc de Louw says:


      I’ll do that also in future, I’ll find the time. But I need to do that more carefully to not accidentally leaking confidential internal informations.

  3. Christoph says:

    Congrats! When I met you in Zurich I knew that we would hear more from you… 😉 Nice to see how much in Fedora and Red Hat you are these days.

    The Fedora folks will be in Berlin from May 10-19th and we’ll stay in the “Ivbergs Hotel” at Berlin Messe. Looking forward to see you!

    • Luc de Louw says:

      Hi Christoph,

      FUDCon was quite cool!

      Unfortunately that Hotels single rooms are fully booked for the first two days 🙁
      See you in Berlin….

  4. Paul S says:

    We’ve never met, but I’ve been following your blog for almost a year now. Love the posts.

    Congratulations on the new job!

    -=[ Paul S ]=-

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