One year in Berlin, one year at Red Hat

In March 2011, I signed my contract with Red Hat and moved from Zurich to Berlin, as posted here in April 2011. After one year it is time for a review of my “new life”. At once, a lot of things changed in my life: New Country, new City, new Appartment, new Job. Quite a lot of stuff. At my former job, I had a notice period of three months which gaves me some time for the planing of the ….Read More

I got employed by Red Hat

This is pretty cool: End of March I signed a contract with Red Hat as a senior Linux consultant. It is not just “another new job”. It is cool for (at least) two reasons: First reason is that Red Hat is not “just another company”, it is Red Hat which is not very comparable to other employers, it is THE Linux and open source company, for me as a open source guy, this is perfect. The second reason is: I’m ….Read More

Starting with my own blog

Since a long time I wanted to start with my own blog. Why? Actually I’m not sure… I’m working in the IT industry facing strange problems in my job as a Linux system engineer. The most difficult problems are not documented anywhere, I’ll start to post solutions for such usually non-googable problems. From time to time I’ll also going to write about the society and current stuff in the world. Have fun, feedback welcome